Welcome to Photo Film Processing UK

So who is Photo Hippo? Now that's a good question, who are we?
We are a team of three comprising of Steve, Kerry and Lauren and we love everything about film processing!
As you can see our team is small and very personal, we know you, our customer by name when dealing with your order, you are not just another number, we treat your order with love and attention. We only want happy customers here at Photo Hippo! We have over 50 years of photo processing skills within our lab and the complete backing of Fuji UK, so you are in very good, safe hands!

How does it all work?
You simply fill in your order form and send it along with your films to the address on top of the form. You need to cover the postage costs when sending your order to us and we cover the return postage. When we receive your order we'll contact you letting you know that your order has reached us safe and sound, you'll also be given an order number too. Once we have fully processed your order, we'll send you a payment request email, you can pay using good old PayPal or card. Cheque payments are also welcome, made payable to: Photo Hippo Ltd. Once you have paid for your order, you'll receive one final email from us letting you know that your order has been dispatched. All orders are sent to you using Royal Mails 2nd class postal service unless you have selected 1st Class, Recorded, Special next day or Euro delivery on your order form.

What no phone number?
Yeah thats's right, we don't have a phone number to be contacted on!
Because we are such a small team and believe me, we are very busy processing 100's of films every single day, we simply don't have time to spend on the phone.
We find email and Facebook messenger a much better to communicate with you all, for one it creates a "paper trail" and also it doesn't slow our work flow down ensuring your orders are processed swiftly. We will reply to email and Facebook messages within 20 mins most of the time so please feel free to contact us, it's great to hear from you!!

Please Note:
Larger orders or mixed film orders may take slightly longer to process in our lab than the "lab times" listed on our website.

What happens if I have a blank film?
It's a simple fact of life, sometimes for whatever reason, your film could be blank.
In this case we only charge you for processing your film into negatvies, our option 1 service on our website and not the full price of the service you required.

I don't want my negatives cut in strips, is this okay?
Yes that's fine although we will have to charge an extra £1.00 because of how good old Royal Mail price their services.

Process negs and download service, do I get my negatives back?
Yeah, we send them back to you in the post, after all, they belong to you not us.

Do we still offer student discount?
No we have stopped student discount but instead we offer discounts to everyone who send in 10 or more films. We offer 10% for 10+ films and 15% for 20+ films. Films can be of mixed format too i.e 35mm, 110 and 120 ect.

Can we pull or push your films?
Yes we do, we can pull or pull films to 2 stops. We charge an extra £1.50 per film for this extra service.

What should I do if I want to complain or question something?
Now that's an easy one to answer, just get in touch with us via email or Facebook messenger and we'll do our very best to help you. We are here to help!